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Port Orange Stables , Floirda

The Port Orange Stables is a horse boarding stables of all breeds of horses in the Daytona Beach area in Port Orange. The Port Orange Stables boards horses short term such as overnight or layovers as long the horses have a negative Coggins. As a horse hotel, the rates vary depending on length of time using our horse boarding facilities. Long term horse boarding is our specialty, which horse boarders pay on a month to month schedule. If you are boarding your horse long term, a notice is required before moving in order to not lose your security deposit. A negative coggins is required on all horses entering the premises. The price paid for horse boarding ncludes use of stall or pasture and an automatic waterer upon request. Port Orange Stables has living quarters on premises with the only entrance in straight view from the living room out the window to monitor all traffic entering and exiting the premises. The property is surrounded by residential homes and duplexes and a shopping plaza. The area is lighted at night and has a 6' chain link fence around the perimeter. In case of a power outage, the Port Orange Stables has a back-up generator. The horses drink water through automatic waterers If the water pump breaks down, the Port Orange Stables is hooked up to City of Port Orange water which can be used in case of emergency. 

     When we say the Port Orange Stables is a horse boarding stables only, The owner is responsible for feeding their horses and exercising their horses. The owner is responsible for pasture and stall upkeep and reporting any problems to stable owner immediately. Horse owner is required to maintain a current Coggins, The horse owner is required to clean their stalls daily and keep bedding fresh. 

     There are many things we do not do. We do not do horse handling. We do not teach riding lessons. We do not feed your horse or supply the feed. We do not have horseback riding, nor rent horses for trail rides. We do not allow outside visitors on the premises without an appointment. No one is allowed to feed any horses, unless they own the horse or have the owner's permission and the Port Orange Stables has a written copy of the agreement. We understand that kids like to pick up grass or hay and hand it to the horse. However since some horses bite or others just try to grab too much hay and chomp down on fingers, for everyone's safety, please refrain from feeding horses. Our rates are very reasonable and have stayed the same over the past few years. Even when we have a rate increase, the increased price usually only applies to new horse boarders. 

     The barn is located inside Port Orange City Limits and located on high ground with excellent drainage. There is a work-out area and a turn-out area on the property where you can exercise your horse. If you ride your horse off the Port Orange Stables property, you must check with the City of Port Orange concerning the city codes. 

     Port Orange Stables is a horse boarding stable for all brreds of horses. We had a pro football player's dad board his horses, the beer horses make an appearance periodically, and a professional race car driver was a horse boarder in the 1960's. The race car driver got thrown in the manure wagon when he rode Ellen's horse "Sun's Zenith", who stopped suddenly by the manure wagon after being run wide open on a full trottle run. Even the pros have accidents, that is why we do not allow anyone to handle anyone else's horses at the Port Orange Stables. About the Port Orange Stables. 

     Port Orange Stables was built in 1965 by Mr. Gottlob Koenig and was 2 miles outside the Port Orange city limits. He helped design and build the stables to future codes and a safe place to stable 48 horses. The walls are concrete block construction with a shingle two layer roof. Mr. Koenig designed the barns to survive hurricane force winds and during storms I found it to be most comfortable and a relaxing place to take shelter. The Port Orange Stables barn is the size of a football field. The land was purchased in 1963 and Mr. Koenig built a small 4 stall barn to stable the four Tennessee Walking Horses he owned. He later used the small barn to store tractor-trailer loads of hay from Canada. When the large barn was built in 1965, the stables was named the Port Orange Walking Horse Stables.

     The stables sold hay and feed. One of the first customers was Mr. Harry Lesh who does air conditioning work.. 44 years later, Mr. Lesh is a horse boarders at the Port Orange Stables. Mr. Koenig bought dozens of Tennessee Walking Horses, including the 1965 World's Champion Walking Horse, Triple Threat. Triple Threat stayed in Florida during the winter months and spent most of his life, at stud, in Lewisburg, Tennessee, aka Walking Horse Country. All our horses were used to show in Tennessee during the summer months (horse show circuit), or for breeding purposes. John, his mom Ellen and grandfather Mr Koenig stayed in Tennessee during the summer months to show horses. John was only 10 years old when he placed 10th in the National Celebration in Shelbyville, Tennessee. The National Celebration is the largest Tennessee Walking horse show in the country. John helped his grandmother clean all the stalls and helped his mother groom and ride the horses when he was growing up at the Port Orange Stables. John also gave riding lessons at the age of 12, but quit when Mr. Koenig sold most of the horses. When Mr. Koenig was not in good enough health to handle the horses, he sold most of the horses. Included was John's favorite horse, Sun's Joan, the horse he showed and rode most. Mr. Koenig kept two horses that no one liked and he felt they had potential to be great show horses. They were very difficult to handle and ride. One day, Mr. Koenig decided to put blinders on the horse "Warrior" to control him better. Well, the horse took off uncontrollable with John on his back. He hit a wall and proceeded through the wall. John ducked, but was injured. Mr Koenig sold the last two horses and the Port Orange Walking Horse Stables was turned into a boarding stable. Since most horses in the area are not Tennessee Walking Horses, Mr. Koenig changed the name to Port Orange Stables to attract all breeds of horses. John's kids: Pam, Jen, Mike, and Laura have a great time riding and helping out around the barn.

Port Orange Stables , Floirda

   John found a dozen chickens two years earlier and had fresh eggs every day to eat. John started selling eggs throughout the neighborhood. Sales were so good that a year later in 1972, Mr. Koenig tore down 24 stalls to install chicken coups. At 14, John was known as Farmer John to his customers and classmates in high school. The business was called Farmer John's Fresh Eggs. After about three years, Mr Koenig was too ill to continue helping and convinced John to close the business, although he kept a few chickens. The stalls were reassembled and used for horse boarding. In 1978, Mr. Koenig passed away and the barn was almost closed. The Port Orange Stables had one horse boarder who rented a pasture / stall combination for about eight years. Mr. Koenig's daughter, Ellen Metzger, started renting stalls and pasture in 1981, after John went through college and moved back to Port Orange. During the 1980's, 1990's and up until today in 2009.

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